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Dream 😹

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Dream 😹

I can't wait to get married
so that my wife will wear a sexy mini skirt on a
Saturday to seduce me
When she is washing my clothes she will be like " Honey help
me with hanger" then l will
come out to give her the hanger
l will smile and say "OMG you look beautiful"
after that l and her will enter the kitchen and she will
start frying chicken
While she is frying chicken then I will hold her from back....
and she will be like
"Oh baby wait let me finish frying the chicken first"
and she will be like " Are you not hungry?"
I will smile and look into her eyes and say " Baby
you are more important than this food"
And I will be like " Thank God for giving me a wonderful woman
like this " after that
I will carry her and we'll enter bedroom
And......... And........... And..........
The food will burn and the house will catch fire
we'll run with boxers and pants in our hands