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Poultry farming

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Poultry farming


There are several factors to consider before venturing into poultry farming.You first of all consider the capital available for you,,if insufficient you can borrow from lending institutions that charge low interest fees.Then consider setting up permanent poultry structures with suitable design but with a room for expansion.The next thing is the consider the food and supplements which the poultry will need.Get proper information regarding poultry farm to avoid mistakes.Finally consider potential market for your produce and source for a quality variety of poultry.Good luck.


What are the factors to consider when starting poultry farming?
When you're first starting out, it can be hard to know exactly what you need. If you're thinking of becoming a poultry farmer, here are some things to consider:

Time and effort.
Poultry farming is a lot of work! It's not just about taking care of the birds—you also have to make sure they stay safe and healthy by keeping their living environment clean and making sure that there's always plenty of food for them. You'll want to make sure that you have enough time and energy for this before starting out.

Space requirements.
You'll need quite a bit of space for chickens, especially if you're planning on raising them commercially rather than just as pets. If you're going with a smaller farm, you might only need a few yards or even an entire room dedicated to housing your chickens, but if you want to raise them in large numbers (which is what most commercial farmers do), then you'll need at least an acre or two.

Costs associated with setting up your farm.
Depending on what kind of setup you want—whether it be free-range chickens or different types of coops—you may need some materials like wood or metal frames for structures and wire mesh for enclosure walls which could cost hundreds or even thousands of shillings.
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