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Evangelicals in Kenya Pray for Trump to Defeat Joe Biden in the US Presidential Election

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Evangelicals in Kenya Pray for Trump to Defeat Joe Biden in the US Presidential Election


A section of evangelicals in Kenya has been praying for Donald Trump to defeat his competitor in the 2020 US presidential election Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

Bishop Mark Kariuki, who is the head of the Deliverance Church in Kenya, told Daily Nation that it would be a victory for “good morals” if Trump is re-elected for a second term.

"Deliverance Church is part of the evangelical churches, so we think about values," Bishop Kariuki noted.

He added: "When former US President Barack Obama came to Kenya, we told him not to bring 'Democrat agenda' in Kenya of advocating abortion and gay relationships. It is against this background we are praying that the right person wins the US presidency. However, ultimately the American people will decide who should be their next President."

The cleric indicated that although the church did not organize nationwide vigil prayers for President Trump to win the election, some of their members have been praying for him individually.

"We did not have countrywide vigil prayers in Deliverance churches, but I know individuals who were praying seriously for the elections in the US,” he said.

Bishop Kariuki further clarified that he did not dictate to church leaders on who to support between Trump and Biden, who is headed for a victory.

"My friends in the church will make their own choices and they can either support President Trump or Joe Biden. The choice entirely depends on them and not the church. I would not like to come in between and confuse them. I normally tell them to let God's choice win."