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Hii ni Ushamba category gani

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Hii ni Ushamba category gani

Thousands of Cameroonian's queue to go ride the escalators at the Douala Grand Mall which opened to the public on November 17; the 18,000 m² mall is said to be the largest in Cameroon.

Here in Kenya the largest mall is Two Rivers which hosts over 150 international and local outlets and at 65,000 m² is the largest in East and Central Africa.

We also have many other malls most larger than Douala Grand Mall's size but I didn't see this kind of behaviour during their launch. What does that tell you? It's why I keep telling Kenyans this, don't hate on your country.

Travel across the length and breadth of Africa or do some little reasearch and you will appreciate the 'small things' you take for granted on a daily basis.


New Member
🇰🇪🇰🇪Our country is great....our leaders are trash

Couldn't agree more. Kenya would be far much ahead were it not for this deep rooted corruption emanating from our politicians. Kenyans need to make a round about turn, forget tribal politics and stop voting along tribal lines. Only then will we make economic head way.
For now, we are in deep sh** no matter how many roads, expressways etc we build, we will sink deeper in debt destroying the economy even further