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Why Kenyans Are As Stupid As Monkeys

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Why Kenyans Are As Stupid As Monkeys


Although I am a full-blooded African I am coming to believe what the REST of the world believes – the African is just as stupid as a monkey.

Take this silly support for Moreno Ocampo. How can people who claim to be intelligent and educated express support for what is essentially a neo-colonialist effort to subjugate Kenya? Ask yourself, why would a White man come all the way from Argentina to deliver “justice” to you? You think he loves you more than those Blacks in his own country who up to date they treat like slaves?

Why would America, which is not even a signatory to the Rome Statute, say that Kenya should be subject to the same courts it is not? Who committed the incredible tortures in Abu Ghraib? Has the ICC read the 400,000 Wikileaks documents that show that American forces killed about 800 unarmed civilians at road-blocks? That its forces tortured thousands? Has the ICC watched that terrible helicopter video of American aircraft killing journalists?

Why have Bush, Blair, Cheney and Rumsfield, who ACCORDING TO THE UNITED NATIONS itself started an illegal war that has cost about ONE MILLION Iraqi lives NOT been indicted for war-crimes?

Why has Netanyahu, WHO ORDERED THE MURDER OF ACTIVISTS IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS, not been indicted for war-crimes despite a UN report saying he committed crimes against humanity? Why not other Israeli politicians, who continue to break at least 10 UN resolutions on the illegal occupation and murder of of Palestinians?

Why has the ICC NOT acted on the Goldstein (a Jew, by the way) report on the illegal Gaza invasion (which killed 1400 Palestinians!) which said in no uncertain terms that Israel committed war crimes?

Why has the ICC, if it is so concerned with human rights ALL OVER the world, ONLY INDICTED AFRICANS? (To its credit, the African Union has complained about this trend). There was recently some terrible tribal violence in which about 2,500 people died in a Central Asian republic where the US has major military and oil interests – have you heard of an ICC investigation? Have you heard of an ICC investigation in Sri Lanka, where about 50,000 people died in final stages of the civil war? Have you heard of an ICC investigation in India, where the police have killed at least 3,000 while fighting Maoists guerrillas? Have you heard of an ICC investigation in Indonesia’s Papua province, where thousands have disappeared in the hands of the military? Have you heard of an ICC investigation in Myanmar, where the military is detaining thousands?

The examples can go on and on.

Among the countries now in the forefront 'fighting' for 'justice' for PEV are the British, who's soldiers up to today leave unexploded bombs on the grazing fields of the Maasai and the Samburu, injuring and maiming thousands. The same British, according to the book 'British Gulag', who killed nearly half-a-million people in Central Kenya, AND WHO HAVE NEVER APOLOGISED OR OFFERED COMPENSATION. What has changed?

I am only one person, so if Kenyans are stupid enough to invite White supremacists with their evil plots back into their country, so be it. You think you are more special than the Somalis next door who are dying in millions from a conflict fueled by the same people? You think you are more special than the innocent Iraqis and Afghanis being blown up with high munitions?

How come you people don’t ever learn from history? Didn’t the slave traders in West Africa do the same thing – ask you to “hand over “ the bad people among you so that they could render justice? Didn’t you then hand over your opponents and those from the neighbouring tribe (they were taken to be slaves in America) in much the same way you want to hand over William Ruto to Ocampo?

Ati you want aid and help to develop. How come you have NOT developed over the last 150 years when you allowed Whites to lord over your lands? Now the same Whites are telling you, “China wants to exploit you”, and you believe it. How many stadiums and roads have the Americans and British, with their 'justice and human rights' rubbish built in Kenya compared to the Chinese?


No wonder every race in the world calls us MONKEYS!


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