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Hello Villagers,

I had a hunch to check up on Kenyanlist today, boy was I shocked to see it back. I was a member back in 2010/ 2011 and was so sad to see the former site go down.

Though I do not use my former handle, I was a regular & can easily recall the likes of Couch Potato, Shiku_k, Eazy, Afriqdef, Cherie, Yvonne, Muchatha, Cucu, Beatrice, Miss B, the handle that used to come up with daily quotes(dont recall the name) .....the list goes on.

So much has happened in my life & I believe yours too. First off, I am a mother to an amazing 6 year old girl, been through hell & back in a romantic relationship but I found myself....( How could I have found myself when I was always myself?) I will explain this further in due course.

Looking forward to sharing positivity , laughter, stress relief with all of you.

So glad to see Kenyanlist back, let's see this site sore; even higher than it did before!!!

Cheers Y'all
It is indeed great seeing familiar chaps checking in. Kweli once a villager, always a villager.

Sounds like you've been through interesting times. Yours is a story I'd love to hear haha.