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A Place Called Eden


In this precarious world that we call home, with its inconsistencies, pain and chaos, there is a place where me and you can find peace and refuge. It is a place known to many yet less visited by few. A place that joy unspeakable is found and proper and accurate perspective is established. A place where me and you are accepted, not on the basis of our merit or religious piety, but on pure grace and favour are we welcomed in these realm.
This place was once called ‘Eden’. I say was once called Eden because it no longer exists geographically or bear that name any more. However like I said it no longer exists geographically, but it does exist in a Person. And that person brings to me and you the place once called Eden to reality.

The geographical Garden of Eden in the Bible as God created can also be called the place of bliss or ‘paradise’. The Hebrew name for Eden is synonymous with both the words ‘bliss’ and paradise’ or ‘delight’. It would be true to say that the first man and woman lived in the place of perfect bliss and delight. They knew nothing short of God’s perfection. Peace, joy and right alignment was their reality. They knew nothing of God’s reality and nature, unlike our present reality, where we are bombarded by the wiles of a fallen matrix and lifestyle. Nevertheless there still is a place called Eden and this time it is a person.

What banished Adam and Eve from the place of such utopia was there disobedience. (Not sex as some erroneously teach). Their disobedience entailed eating the fruit that symbolized the knowledge of good and evil. The moment they ate the fruit, they chose to be their own ‘gods’ and SELF automatically replaced God. And carnality became the centre of their life.

This in turn subverted the Lordship of Yahweh and ultimately plunged the entire human race into spiritual and physical destruction. The plan of God to restore His Lordship in man and to man is made complete in Christ. When a human being comes to the cross of Calvary and sees himself, as he ought to see himself- a sinner- then he is washed by the blood, not physically as one would think. But internally; this involves the purging away of the guilt conscience that hangs over ever human being and replaces it with an awareness, that the old religion called ‘blessed assurance’.

The ‘blessed assurance’ the new reality, the new ‘Eden’, the new place of bliss then becomes a person-Jesus Christ. As you and I press into Christ we realize and actualize this place called Eden once again. And this time never to leave or abort. For in this new place called Eden, Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. In this place called Eden, Christ is the source of substance. In this place called Eden, you and I find peace, joy, grace, truth and mercy on a daily basis.

Like Adam of old, we commune with Father God not just in the cool of the day, but every hour we desire. We once again experience the garden of delights in Him. We again get to know the progressive feeling of loving God and being loved by God.