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It seems not everyone is aware 🤷 so here’s a brief outline of what’s different this season in FPL when it comes to the Wildcard Chips 🍟…

✅ There are effectively 3 Wildcard Chips this season albeit FPL are officially badging them as 2 Wildcard Chips 🍟

✅ This is because all FPL managers will get ‘unlimited free transfers’ between GW16 and GW17 while the World Cup is on 🏆

🧠 ‘Unlimited free transfers’ = effectively constitute another Wildcard 🧠 …albeit FPL aren’t calling it as such….probably because it HAS to be used within a very specific time period (i.e. between GW16 and GW17) 🤷

✅ Wildcard Chip 1 🍟 is only available to be used between GW1 and the GW16 deadline (Saturday 12th Nov).

✅ If you don’t use your first Wildcard between GW1 and GW16 you WILL LOSE IT 🚨

✅ Given that there are ‘unlimited free transfers between GW16 and GW17 (as described above) it makes very little sense to leave playing your 1st Wildcard Chip until close to GW16. This is because you want to extract maximum value out of each Wildcard 🍟 (or set of ‘unlimited free transfers) that you play.

✅ A popular strategy 👨‍💻will be to play your first Wildcard quite early this season (anytime between GW2 and GW9 really) as you know you’ve got another re-set when the World Cup 🏆 is on…AND a further official Second Wildcard for later in the season too. GW8 and GW9 sees some nice fixture turns which is probably relevant too.

✅ Your Second official Wildcard Chip 🍟 can be used at any time between GW17 and GW38

✅ Given you’ll have had ‘unlimited free transfers’ between GW16 and GW17 it’s very unlikely that you should need to use your Second official Wildcard Chip 🍟 too soon after GW17. You’d be a wise owl 🦉 if you left it until the DGWs come around‼️

✅ The usual strategy of using the 2nd Wildcard close to the double GWs and in tandem with the other chips (Bench Boost the week after a WC for example) will be a popular and most likely very effective play. This probably means your Second official Wildcard 🍟 will be used after GW28.

✅ So basically it would be daft to leave playing your first Wildcard until close to GW16 (as you’re getting unlimited free transfers between GW16 and 17 anyway) and it would be daft to use your second official Wildcard too soon after GW17 too (as you’ll have effectively just used one with your ‘unlimited free transfers’ during the World Cup break).

📖 As always, read the FPL rules guys and girls. You can find these by going to ‘More’ - ‘Help’ - ‘Rules’ and then to each of the subsections 👊🏼. You’ll become a much better FPL manager if you understand all of the rules 🧠. It’ll also enhance your enjoyment of the game 😀.

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