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Health and nutrition

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Health and nutrition


Never eat what you mum doesn't eat.....
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I feel most of the Kenyans especially tiktokers go through alot just to air those videos and get us entertained some even are not paid. Like the way money is dragging us nowadays I can't explain by words because we've totally become it's slaves. The Bible says that money is the root of all evil and it's now availing itself to be that strong one. The guy is a famous tiktoker and his videos normally trend because of the things he takes in as a meal now the tiktok is gone wrong, let's resolve this by doing just the regular don't go an extra mile to intake of harmful substances like for him it's spider poison that's keeping him fully ingested with poison. There was also that certain video of a man taking konyagi mzinga in full dose just for trend and to gain another.. Kenya needs change but the first step starts with you my nigga😌 pull up!!
May he get well and learn from it