Hearse Returning to Nairobi from a Funeral Caught Ferrying Chang’aa



A hearse driver and his assistant were on Tuesday morning arrested in Kabete, Kiambu County after they were caught transporting illicit brew to Nairobi.

The 59-seater hearse returning to the city after a funeral in Western Kenya was intercepted at the Uthiru area along the busy Nakuru-Nairobi highway, Dagoretti Police Commander Frank Wahome said. This was after police in the Western region raised an alarm over suspicion that the bus was ferrying brew after the funeral.

During the operation, officers recovered 135 liters of chang’aa brew packed in nylon carrier bags and wrapped with clothes inside backpacks while other packages were stashed in a bag sandwiched between dry maize in the compartment meant for the casket while transporting the body for burial.

“It was hidden in backpacks. This is an eye-opener that some of these vehicles which one might think deserve to be given the right of way can sometimes be used to ferry contraband. We have seen it even with ambulances,” Wahome said.

The police commander says officers will intensify searches on ambulances, hearses, parastatal, and government vehicles as part of their crackdown on contraband goods.

Source: Mwakilishi


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It just goes to show that you never know what you might find in some vehicles, even a hearse. Kudos to the police for their vigilance and for uncovering the illicit brew hidden in such a creative and unexpected way.

And speaking of epitaph examples, here are a few to add some lightheartedness to the conversation: "Here lies the hearse with a secret cargo," "In loving memory of a hearse with an adventurous side," "Rest in peace, carrying both the departed and the unexpected."
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