My two pence beliefs on love ...


People always accuse me of not believing in love. So to settle the fears and concerns of many , here are my two pence beliefs on love.

Love exists. It not over-rated, its not for fools and its not stupid. Its the most beautiful and magical thing that can happen between two people.

There is no one person you will ever find that is complete, none that is perfect, and none that is meant to be yours. But you will find people who complete you, people who are perfect for you, and people who mean it when they say they are yours.

I pity those who say they don't believe in love. I pity them since they say this loudest after suffering a heartbreak. How can one get heartbroken that much by something they don't believe in?

I believe in love as a commitment and a promise. A commitment to remain true to that love and a promise to make it last forever if possible. I also believe that these two, when they come together, are what make love outlast life!

I don't believe in Hollywood romance. I believe in natural romance on which Hollywood romance is built. If you don't believe in it, tell me how you recognize the Hollywood acts as romance if you don't have it in you.

I trust too much. I always prefer to trust too much to ensure I give someone an opportunity to prove themselves so that if they betray that trust, they will only have themselves to blame.

I hate heartbreaks, but I love them way more than break-ups. Heartbreaks build a heart more willing to love and be loved. Break-ups do the reverse.

I believe in beauty. But my definition of beauty is not necessarily your definition of beauty so before you laugh at my choice of dates, remember I think yours is ridiculous too.

I would go for character over beauty, but its beauty that attracts me to people after which I learn their character. Character is not written on people's faces so I go for beauty first and then look for character.

I believe people think material things will add years to their life. But I know true love is what adds life to your years.

I also believe that most of us, while hastily chasing the perfect person, more often than not bypass the perfect love.

If you have think you have no one in your life, look again. THERE IS SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE! There is someone worth showing some love. A friends, a relative, a stranger or even an enemy. A good gesture touches your enemies deeper than it does your friends.

Poems don't spell love, Chocolate can never equal love, nor can roses even come close but they still serve as the best signs and reminders that someone loves and cares about you.

And remember, a bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses. So by the end of the day, if you give the most roses to the most people, you will have more rose fragrance than all those you give!