Photo from ‘Perseverance’.
The rover that landed on Mars on February 18th, 2021.

Next Step?
1) Heat up the atmosphere to habitable conditions.
2) Use 3D printing technology to build living quarters. (Eventually, build better structures)
3) Vet residents for the New World. (This will be a pretty fucked up process)
4) Use Earth for mining natural resources and desperate labour.
5) To remind your girlfriend that she is not the center of the universe. Not even close.

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How are they going to heat up the atmosphere? & isn't the temperature already condusive.
Believe it or not, by pollution.
They need to emit as much Co2 as possible for there to be enough radiation (not harmful radiation like from a nuclear plant) for clouds to start forming.
Because Mars is literally a dead planet, there aren’t any clouds. It’s clear sky night and day.
Eventually, (not sure how long) the clouds would fill up the planet, condense and hopefully, fall back down as rain.

It’s also worth noting that Mars is slightly larger than HALF the size of Earth. So not every one will call Mars home.