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Painful truth

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Painful truth


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This method is the best I tell you I've tried it back then where I found my girl cheating but she did not notice I had known. I had to put up with her for the time being but changing the topics and trying to avoid her by all means. She was carried away that she could not notice so I had to destroy the love slowly so when I finally move on I won't have the memories of her because for real I loved her. She was kinda clever too can't denie that because everywhere she was always keen imagine we never had pictures or something like that. Now when I found the supersub I had already disconnected the bond completely that she wasn't even at the back of my mind. Am happy I got away safely wuuueh though ilikua tough akii😌‼️


Sometimes you have to keep forgiving them while you're looking for someone to replace them.This is called constructive elimination by substitution...it's not being toxic but for the greater good..
Some people have turned it to a game sort of because you try as much as you can to be faithful to them and what you get back is nothing but disappointment. Guys you need to style up otherwise this world will be full of singles.