Premature ejaculation


The ABCD of overcoming Premature ejaculation:

- Attentiveness

- Breathing technique

- Circulation of blood

- Diet

- Exercises

- Frame control

Avoid sex enhancement pills. Herbal concoctions are useless.

Don't masturbate. No pornography.
Keep your sexuality sacred before marriage, don't engage in sex or those unadvisable films that have pornography in it. The experts say the pornographic films are very addictive it takes one years to forget something that was watched once and has very addictive sexual displays. We should advice the younger generation what to watch for everything nowadays is very sensitive, the parental guidance normally urged before the display of a certain movie film should be put into consideration because it is very important. Now I wish I had never seen some films because each time you try to think you just see them at the verge of your mind fresh as ever and want to see more and more of it. The sexual pills normally taken to prolong your time in bed or to increase the shape of your sexual organs e.g for boys penis and for girls the boobs and the ass are very dangerous and leads to one getting cancer or even the organs being less active due to straining. The skin is utterly damaged since the most used drugs are oily so applied on the surface killing the dead skin which acts as a controller of the sun violet rays and automatically causes skin cancer.