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Think your job is hard? Try being a sperm ...


While most people complain about their jobs, I think sperms have the hardest job nowadays.

If you were a sperm, you really don't want to be living in the body of a gay guy, a wanker and someone who gets lots of head. You know sperms exist with one sole motive in their life. To find the egg, then fertilize it. Pretty simple, right? WRONG! This is because humans have changed sex habits quite a lot from what nature expects. So when D-day comes, and the poor sperms are expecting a class eight mathematics paper that they read for the whole night, the one they get is a form four one one!

To pull you back a little, am sure they train in some sort of sperm school for the ultimate task. Remember only one sperm gets the honor of fertilizing the egg so the training in sperm school must be very intense. They are given swimming lessons and geography lessons. They are taught how to find the uterus, the fallopian tubes, then the egg and the of course the ultimate: Fertilizing the egg.

That is a pretty simple procedure they assume. And they of course spend the afternoon taking speed lessons by watching Eliud Kipchoge running. Life is good at that time.

Not when they get released.

Having worked really hard to cram the geography lessons and maps and the running and swimming lessons, what if you are in a gay guy's body, or a frequent wanker's body? Or even that guy who gets more head than a hat? That's the time you will get the sort of feeling of showing up with a mathematical set and log tables for a CRE paper.

You were taught vagina to uterus to fallopian tubes to egg. And what do you come across? Nothing but shit in case of a gay guy! Nothing but soap in your eyes in the case of a wanker and tonsils in case the owner was getting head.

Or a traffic Jam at the door in case the guy was using a condom.

You will feel especially cheated if you used to be number one in sperm school, don't you think?