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Wiki Travelling to Kenya

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Potential topics:
  • General tips in Moving to Kenya
  • Schools in Kenya (private vs public, waiting lists)
  • Visas and Residency in Kenya (better to apply at an embassy than in Kenya)
  • Where to Live in Kenya (Could be subjective but could mention good areas per city etc)
  • Choosing a Home in Kenya (security in a home, hiring security company etc)
  • Crime in Kenya (needs to be said, tips about being sensible and knowing your areas)
  • Cost of Living in Kenya (cheap food and booze, expensive electronics, books etc)
  • Jobs in Kenya
  • Meeting People in Kenya (social clubs like running, hiking, golfing, cycling clubs etc)
  • Diversity in Kenya (Racial, cultural diversity. Unemployed, Working, Middle, Elite classes)
Not open for further replies.