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Ugali recipe from men

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Ugali recipe from men


1. Put Sufuria on fire.😂
2. Realize there is no matchbox.
3. Run🏃 to canteen for the matchbox☺️.
4. Come back, light fire.
5. Put water on the Sufuria.
6. Realize their is no water in the containers🤣.
7. Run🏃 to the tap outside you find the queue is long.
8. Remember you didn't put off the gas.
9.Run🏃 back to the house you find Sufuria 'burning'.
10. You want to remove Sufuria but you can't remember where you put "Kamata".
11. You hit the Sufuria to fall off the gas.
12. You run back to the tap and bring water🙈😁🤣😅.
13. Put the water on the Sufuria and heat to boiling.
14. You want to put unga and stir.
15. You realize the unga is not enough😉.
16. Run🏃 to the shop again.
17. Buy a small unga. Ya ajab
18. Meet a friend on your way and start talking.🤣
19. Come back and find the Sufuria "has finished" the water.
20. Add more water and wait to boil again.
21. Pour the unga and prepare to stir.🤣
22. You realize you didn't wash the 'Mwiko' so you wash first.
23. 'Kamata' is still missing you. You use a piece of cloth(boxer mzee) to hold Sufuria.
24. Now stir as you add more unga.
25. Continue stirring until the unga thickens.
26. Go outside and "smell" kama imeiva.🤣😅
27. Serve the ugali but you realize there is no clean plate.
28. Wash one plate quickly.😉😁
29. You notice the "Kamata" was just their next to the gas....Nkt.
30. Eat the ugali "small-Small" as you prepare vegetables.😁🤣
Let me not tell you how we cook vegetables because we will end up eating next week 😁🤣😅