Wicked chief


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There was once lived a wicked chief. Nobody liked him, because of his wickedness. He was wicked to old men and young women. By pretending to be kind he tried to be popular to young men who lived I that country. When the chief won over the young men, they all liked him. One day, the chief called all the young men and told them, "My friends don't you see?" They asked "what?" you should all kill all of them. Everybody should kill his father. "Ah:(that they should kill all their fathers). As a result, everybody whose father was old brought him to be killed. This one went and brought him to be killed. This one went and brought him to be killed, the other went and brought him to be killed. They killed all the old men, leaving one only.

He was a father of a son who said no. "Why should the chief kill all the men and why would I send my father to be killed?" He got down and went to dig a large hole and concealed it nicely. He sent his father there, where he had dug. He fetched wood and put it across and covered it with soil, making a small hole for air to pass through. At the time, they had finished to kill all the old men.

When the chief finished executing them, he then called all the young men. "My friends we have now finished killing all our older men. This is a cow I am giving to you. I am so happy we have got rid of these old men, so go and kill the cow. When you have killed the cow, cut the best part of its meat and bring it to meat and bring it to me. If you don't bring it, you yourself are not safe. "(That is a right) eh; The young men rushed out and slaughtered the cow, which is the best part of the meat of a cow? They were worried.

They went and cut the liver and sent it to him. He asked whether or not that was the best part of meat. They answered yes. They added part of the bile. He said that wasn't the best part of the meat and they should go and find it quickly. The people became more worried.

Every night the young man secretly took food to his father. One day he took food to his father, who asked about the news of the town. He said, "My father, now we are suffering. When we killed all the old men, the chief gave us a cow to go and kill. When we killed the cow, he said we must both find the sweetest and the best part of the meat and bring it to him, that if we do not bring them, we are not safe ourselves. This is what is worrying us". The old man laughed, but asked him if he knew the sweetest part of the meat. He said no. He again asked if he did know the bitterest part. He said no. "Then the sweetest part and the the bitterest part is the tongue. When you go, cut the tongue and send it to him and say that it is the sweetest part of the meat and the bitterest.

The man rushed home while all the young people sat down, undecided about what to do. If something had not happened they might have thrown the whole meat and ran away. When the boy arrived he said, "NY friends take the tongue of the cow in" they cut the tongue for him, and took it to the chief's palace.

He went and threw it down and said, "Chief, see the sweetest part of the meat and the bitterest part also". The chief sat down quietly and finally said, you did not kill your father. "Speak the truth. You have not killed your father." He said, "It is the truth I didn't kill him. When all other men were killing their own fathers I went and hid mine." He said "you are the son of an wise old man. The sweetest and the bitterest part of the meat is the tongue. As for that all these young men are fools. Why should somebody send his father to be killed? But if you want the sweetest part of the meat, find the tongue, were it not for your tongue, you would have an enemy :it is also because of your tongue that you will not have a friend. Tame your tongues🗣️⚠️