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Listing #475 by KenyanList Archives on 25/08/2020
Is It True….

Iv heard these theories before and i just wanted to confirm if they r true.

1. That before a camel is slaughtered, it is requested to be slaughtered, whereby it sheds tears then it accepts

2. That if a donkey is carried on the back of a pick-up truck, it will laugh itself to death, because it will find the fast moving trees as a funny scenario.

caution to readers : answers may contain, whole truths, whole lies and idiots may be seen to post insults.


›› xabi  07-Aug-2009

Lets ask our donkey hardrorc. hardroooooooooooooooooooooc!!!!

›› supu  07-Aug-2009, reply_156935

cant wait to see what JD says to this one

›› Saidi Mira  07-Aug-2009, reply_156938

As for the donkey, it is true. That is why they are transported in the midst of cows in trucks. If not ,one must use route 11

›› the kiuk protagonist  07-Aug-2009, reply_156942

Route 11 ndio gani? Juguma uka haha na ka fangi kau gaku togushie tumenye niatia

›› Sahau  07-Aug-2009, reply_156947

Yes its true. And in TZ the thugs ask you "Tunaomba kukunyanganya simu yako tafadhali".

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_156949

route 11 is trekking

jugumax his on his way to work; mlolongo to uthiru is very far!

›› sudi  07-Aug-2009, reply_156953

why would a camel shed tears?

›› nyengese  07-Aug-2009, reply_156954

@KP...This is a fascinating observation.Personally, I have no idea

@Sahau...and the girls go like..."kaka naomba kukuzia ngono"

›› lovemat  07-Aug-2009, reply_156956

laughing donkey!!????....haiya, hiyo sijawahi sikia ever!

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_156959

camel is entertained before its slaughtered that i know. in entertaining i mean tunes like drum etc.

›› amiro  07-Aug-2009, reply_156966

camels are slaughtered??

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_156967

Cira wa funda ųciragwo nėarėa mena cio. In this case, does anyone own a donkey in this village? Reke twanjėrėe hau andų aitų.

›› lovemat  07-Aug-2009, reply_156968

@amiro....No, they`re chinjwad!

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_156970

jugumax finally umefika job! hehe hows the journey to work?

›› falafulani  07-Aug-2009, reply_156972

What i knw is a camel will not go to slaughter if it smells bllod so what they usualy do is there is a camel tht is specificaly trianed to withstand the blood stench, this camel (called a judas) is usualy a leader among the herd and is what is used to lead fellow camels to slaughter.

@Arragorn, enyewe hapo umetupanga bt @K.P The crying part tho is true..

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_156976

at fala its for shizzle my nizzle!

›› Mhhhmmm  07-Aug-2009, reply_156984

The donkey part is true ....

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_156985

It was gud working out in the morning. @ aragornx. Anyway, do u know why donkeys r known as beasts of burden?

›› supu  07-Aug-2009, reply_156987

that was good info.. a laughing donkey..........

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_156996

Fala how do you support those facts? Is there a slaughter house for camels? Lastly, are u talking from xperience or just myths?

›› the kiuk protagonist  07-Aug-2009, reply_157001

Juguma i only askd ndio usiende ocha umalize punda zote, akina ssumu baridi

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_157002


1. beasts of burden by rolling stones(as a song)

2. because they are used for transporting loads/doing other heavy work(donkeys or elephants)...or there is another meaning???

›› spliff*  07-Aug-2009, reply_157005

hehehe...... 1st heard the donkey theory nikiwa cell parklands (hadnt fastened my safety belt so they took me in) the version i heard is that it will swallow its heart (dont ask me how) another was ati its heart will explode. so when you buy a donkey you better walk with it mpaka nyumbani kwako. s--- is funny

›› Riquelme  07-Aug-2009, reply_157012

As for donkey its true or one can poor soapy water(omo,ariel,toss etc) on its eyes.

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157014

You mean u've never heard of donkeys laughing? U never sieze to amaze me. @ supu. Ona bea igėthekaga.

›› ochuodho Jr.  07-Aug-2009, reply_157015

i spoke to a donkey the other day

›› falafulani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157016

@JD, any slaughter house can be used but normaly camels are slaughtered at night as it involves alot of work.back in campo, i used to own a butchery so im speaking from facts

›› lovemat  07-Aug-2009, reply_157017

^ ^ ^.......they dont only laugh, but talk????? hehehe

›› lovemat  07-Aug-2009, reply_157018

fala!!!!,you!,you! you **** in you owned a camel butchery while in campus!! where was this, Mogadishu?

›› falafulani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157019

@Lovematt, he he nt a camel butchery but kawa nyama but wen u go to the kichinjio u learn this tngs...

›› kingangi  07-Aug-2009, reply_157021

hahahahaha @oj.woe onto it if it was female.

now i cee how people earn a living@fala.

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157023

Few facts here aragornx.

1. A donkey can laugh the loudest.

2. A donkey can fart the loudest.

3.A donkey can kick the hardest.

4.A donkey can own the biggest. (mųcuthe).

5.A donkey can carry the heaviest.

6. Just dont ask the "kųhųrana mųtė" part. This animal is the killer.

But still the most humble beast u'll come across.

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_157028

jugumax hiii yote uliju aje? i know of #3 and #5 pekee!

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157029

Fala you mean ulikuwa butchery uko Garbatura?

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157031

Aragorn kwani ulilelewa wapi wewe.Ama umekuwa kwa incubator all ur life?

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_157034

jugumax nili lelewa place ina ma dolphins & horses pekee!

›› Juguma Diani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157043

I get u now. @ aragornx. Thats why utapiga soma the first time a donkey will fart near u. Infact utapiga soma alafu umelt.

Hėndė ėrėa ųgakora funda yųkėtie nėguo ųkamenya kau gaku nė gaspecimen ga tųduidui. Nė niė dera we aragorni.

›› aragorn  07-Aug-2009, reply_157076

juguma, ahora lo que estás escribiendo?

›› falafulani  07-Aug-2009, reply_157122

Woii @JD, nikitusiwa ivo mi naua mtu...

›› BB  07-Aug-2009, reply_157216

mmmhh i dint knw ...

JD i wish i can get it from a donkey " Njuthe"

›› the kiuk protagonist  07-Aug-2009, reply_157338

Bb ungiheo mutirima ni funda ungikaya nginya roshio, ugiuga mbu ta xabi akihurwo mbaara ni cutie

›› matoem  07-Aug-2009, reply_157341

@JD u r one sick falling off my seat!

›› nakupendas  08-Aug-2009, reply_157455

::: JD :::

You cant be serious,for donkey,its too big

›› the kiuk protagonist  09-Aug-2009, reply_157537

Jd aliskia punda ikishuta wapi?