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Listing #672 by KenyanList News on 14/09/2020
Government Reveals Plan to Help Kenyans Secure Jobs Abroad

Kenya is eying bilateral labor deals with foreign countries in a move aimed at addressing the country’s unemployment crisis.

Such agreements will make it easier for Kenyans to migrate, live and work abroad, according to Labor Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui. He added that Kenyans can get opportunities in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Australia.

The government through the National Employment Authority (NEA) is in the process of finalizing labor pacts with some Middle East nations.

"Through the National Employment Authority (NEA), we are also in the process of concluding bilateral labor agreements with Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Kuwait and skilled labor for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," said Chelugui as quoted by Daily Nation.

CS Chelugui indicated that Kenya’s economy cannot be able to absorb the over 400,000 youth who join the labor market annually.

The Middle East has become a top destination for Kenyan semi and low-skilled workers with most getting recruited in the hospitality, construction, security, transport, cleaning, and domestic services.

Chelugui urged NEA to explore more ways of ensuring that skilled workers and professionals also access the numerous employment opportunities abroad and to broaden the scope of destination countries.