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Recent content by Daniel

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    Good morning
  2. D


    What do you like to do on Sunday?
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    Food crisis.

  4. D

    Food crisis.

    Now the nation should embrace comrades style, wakati wa food tunaimia.
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    Which song are you listening to rn?

    Tano name fully
  6. D

    Which song are you listening to rn?

    Mine👇 Doggystyleeee- hit em up🔥
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    Good morning

    Siku njema huonekana asubuhi.
  8. D

    Guess it's who's lyrics

    Rap god- Eminem
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    Levitating like I'm David Blaine here.
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    Guess it's who's lyrics

    “The only hall of fame I'll be inducted is the alcohol of fame."
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    Tunaenda Vasha?
  12. D


    You all have a responsibility in voting out bad and incompetent leaders.
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    Good vibes.

    Have a nice day y'all.
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    The fifth president is

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    Good morning