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    Well, then.

    Looks like I'm back to the 254.
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    Nyoka ni nyoka tu

    That was a close call.
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    Yes. Exactly.
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    Michael Njogo alias Uhunye wa Umoja forced to vacate house

    Everything in this country is either: 1) Publicity: Flexing like you’re something but you really aren’t. 2) Misinterpretation: "You misquoted me...that is not what I meant..." 3) Deceit: Straight up lies. Nothing is real.
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    South Korea: Lotte Cinema

    😂 😂 😂
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    Just thought you'd know

    Elephants can't jump.
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    Very cool, bro!
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    South Korea: Lotte Cinema

    Super Plex G • 622 seats • Two-storey building • Screen size, 34 metres wide and 13.8 metres high
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    Mali safi iende chain chain🤪

    Just when she starts looking a bit like a female, she immediately continues looking like a man.
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    Cooking with chef Singh 🔥

    Amazing! Simply amazing!
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    Believe it or not, by pollution. They need to emit as much Co2 as possible for there to be enough radiation (not harmful radiation like from a nuclear plant) for clouds to start forming. Because Mars is literally a dead planet, there aren’t any clouds. It’s clear sky night and day. Eventually...
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    Time for last prayers 😟😟

    Bro, I can’t imagine... You get out of that plane a completely different human being.