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  1. Catesteveh

    Business ideas

    Long post alert! This might be helpful to those who desire to venture in matatu industry (long distance) Small small advice, 1. Pick a Sacco that covers more routes if you want to do long distance... You can do 4NTE or 2NK, don't focus on one route so that if you get a chance to maybe do...
  2. Catesteveh

    A word of encouragement

    We like to hide our pain behind jokes, humor and sarcasm. Many times, when you interrogate the laughter; you will see fear, torment and brokenness... some have perfected the art of cracking jokes and commenting with humour online especially when the topic hits close home... but there is nothing...
  3. Catesteveh

    World kiswahili day

  4. Catesteveh

    Be strong

    Nobody sees the stars during the day. But in the night, they are visible. God knows how to hide you till its your time to shine. Your invisibility doesn't mean you are not existing. It only means its not your time yet. Wait patiently, God's timing is always perfect. Every king was once a...
  5. Catesteveh

    Word for life

    Isaiah said, “God is longing to be good to people, who are looking for His goodness.” Are you looking for God’s goodness, are you expecting favor, believing to rise higher, to accomplish what He put in your heart. God meets you at the level of your expectations. If you expect nothing, you’re...
  6. Catesteveh

    World kiswahili day

    TUJIFUNZE KISWAHILI: 1. Charger - kimemeshi 2. Remote - kitenzambali 3. Password - nywila 4. Akala (bladder shoes) - kirikiri 5. Passion fruit - karakara 6. Kangaroo - bukunyika 7. Fridge - jokofu 8. Juice - sharubati 9. Chips - vibanzi 10. PHD - uzamifu 11. Masters degree - uzamili 12. Degree -...
  7. Catesteveh

    Job opportunity

    Anyone with a legit online job kindly anielezee,may it be surveys etc...I will appreciate.
  8. Catesteveh

    Wajackoya Manifesto

    Wajackoya yes ako na plans poa za kuokoa Kenya kutoka kwa loans na hao foreigners...lakini hizo plans zake sioni zikimake sense,take example ya ivi,mayouths wote waingilie bhang,wengine wataanza kukaa kama wazimu ju obviously effects zitakua different kwa kila mtu,jobs hawataeza kweda alafu...
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    New user here

    Thank you
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    New user here

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    New user here

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    New user here

    A new user here, anybody on how I can earn as much cash