The forest was shrinking and the trees keep voting for the axe .For the axe was clever and convince the trees that because His handle was made of wood, He one of them.
The hurting thing is the ones we vote in are the ones making us suffer. They now offer very appealing manifestos but when it comes to the D-day for repaying they are becoming cunning and end up getting out of office without completing their tasks sometimes even totally not starting others as promised. I really want to vote to development and all those good things but is my vote going to be counted if the iebc officials have political sides they just rigg for and announce them as winners. We are bound to suffer until the day when one will stand up and lead the pack to say no to the corruption growing and spreading faster than expected. Goonism controls all over look at the people who are seen to oppose the government where they end up if they remain acidic they are murdered look at the likes of Musando and many others. I just urge my neighbors and everyone who stays around me my vote my opinion after the election do not fight just stay at peace because the uplifting of pangas and weapons will just shed blood without making an impact of what you really want.