General elections

Do you think our leaders will implement the promises they a making all over?
Wake up to reality nothing ever goes as planned in this accursed world.The longer you live the more you realize that the only thing that truly exist in this reality is pain,suffering and futility.Listen, everywhere you look in this world wherever there is light there will always be shadows to be found as well.As long as there's a concept of victors vanquish will always exist.The selfish intent in wanting to preserve peace initiates war;hatred is borne in order to protect love..that's our reality.
It really depends on the personality and character of the chosen leaders.Some have vied for their own selfish interests and therefore do not expect them to do anything meaningful other than to take care of their round bellies.Others have the calling serve the people and will thus deliver the promises they made as much as they can.
It's really hard to say since not everything said is meant to be done it's just like a nominal development that helps the aspirants agendas and manifestos look appealing. All I can say is of all the said there will be some unsaid that'll be done and some said done too but for now all you have to know is never be so expectant especially on politicians. In Kenya the politicians have a track record of being the best liars and top that list that's why many people aught to vote for people close to them other than any other factor considerable. I too wouldn't blame them alot comes up when you are in office example is some other crucial projects come up and need to be attended to first and when they try to come back to the ones on their agendas time is long gone and people look at them as bad leaders which i discourage at all means.
Some with track records will deliver while many others will pull threads across our eyes. It is good to vote for tried, tested and proven ones. Though there may be some new untested ones who may be performers once given chance. So it's upon you to put them on your weigh scale.
Well sometimes they might have finished their ten years maximum in office what would you do in that???
Plus there are many able and good leaders seen when you see their track records of work and surveys asking their fellow working mates. So for your point I strictly recommend a change of person and leader to get a taste of every person, some situations the current leader is seen better off than tahe previous so it's not guaranteed some incoming leaders are bad or sitting leaders are good, we just to put into consideration the issue of election of new leaders to avoid suffering in the future.