News Kisumu County Gov’t Bans Political Rallies within CBD




The County Government of Kisumu has banned all political activities within the lakeside city’s Central Business District (CBD) ahead of the August 9th general elections.

In a notice, Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga said no politician will be allowed to hold a political rally within the city center during the electioneering period.

Wanga said the ban was occasioned by the destruction of public property witnessed during such rallies, thus hurting efforts to refurbish the face of the city through beautification programs.

“We have witnessed a lot of cases of vandalism and destruction of public property after the political gatherings. This is an attempt to stop the heinous acts of destruction of public property,” Wanga stated.

He indicated that the county government has painted buildings, beautified roundabouts, planted trees and repaired roads in the city, which he said risked being destroyed by political activities.

While warning that those violating the notice will face the full force of the law, the official said the city shall designate areas of campaigns outside the city center.

“In the event of non-compliance, the city of Kisumu shall itself apprehend the violators and will also institute legal action,” Wanga added.