My mom's advice


1. If your home smells fishy for no reason, 9 times out of 10, it means there is an electrical fire.

2. If you ever feel like someone is following your car, turn right four times and it will eventually circle. If they are still behind you, that means they are following you. Don't drive home, just call the police and drive to the police station

3. If ever an assistance dog approaches you without its owner, follow it and do it quickly because you could potentially save someone else's life.

4. If someone tries to take you away, fight back. Most kidnappers will simply give up if they encounter resistance. And whatever you do, don't let them take you away.

5. If the tide suddenly goes out unexpectedly, run like you've stolen it, for higher ground.

6. If you are ever attacked by a moose, get behind a tree...they have a blind spot of about ten inches and they will lose you...

7.When people say to take an aspirin to help during a heart attack, chew the pill, don't swallow it whole. It is absorbed much faster.

8. If someone asks you for something on the street - a light, the time, whatever - always keep the person in your sights. So if they ask you the time, don't just look at your watch. Raise your arm slightly so your watch is in view.

9. If you're in danger or need help, in a public place, it's almost always a bad idea to just shout "help." It is more important to be precise. Pointing at someone and telling them to call 911 will be more effective. The bystander effect can sometimes be cruel.

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