Of The Kibera Accident... Reapin From Wht We Sow???? | ADMIRAL JOSEPH


First i humbly do convey my condolences to the poor innocent Kenyans who lost their lives in the yesterdays Kibera train accident, may God Console the families...

On a different perspective, and in ref to the biblical saying that we shall reap what we sow, i strongly believe that the railway line had been stable from time in memorial until the same area hooligans started uprooting the line!!! consequently the whole stretch of line is in no shape to stand the bulk of the trains due to the hooliganism!!!

The painful part of it all is that unfortunately those who died are not the one who did the henious act of foolish expression of what have too common become of us Kenyan as anger!

i would expect any kind of reasoning form different intelligence quotients but be sure to get the same in this thread...

I beg to rest my case....
›› Heje 22-Dec-2009, reply_198355
ok i feel you there, only question is: how did you know the dead and injured neva took part in the hooliganism?​

›› Onyango A 22-Dec-2009, reply_198365
i feel noooooooooooooooooothing,them buggerz should continue uprooting the rail.Imagine they actually had the audacity to steal the derailed cargo trains contents BURE KAAAAAAAABISA​

›› mashbi 22-Dec-2009, reply_198390
They should b move 30 meters from the railway kama watu wanatoka mau basi nao watoke kwa reli​

›› coolmate 22-Dec-2009, reply_198406
@Admiral jose
Wacha kubwekea kandokando kama ki-mbwa cha bara,just go direct and sweep them off that area,atleast you will have done somethn...don get yourself f*cked..
just lock that fish mouth of yours .....samahani mkwe lakini huu uwanja hamna heshma!!!​

›› Inca 22-Dec-2009, reply_198542
If you cannot defend your point of view by way of articulate comments in, just keep from commenting. Disagree like a human not like a d---! This is aimed at you @coolmate.

That aside, I don't see how cold-hearted vandalism can be justified by squalor. If you shop-lifted a loaf of bread to feed a starving kid, maybe that's ok. But this? This is f**ked!​

›› kumi kumi 22-Dec-2009, reply_198549
@mashbi kweeeeeeliii​