The suspended fiction


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A young man strolled along the aisle and made his seat at the foremost table . He was in an expensive attire, a black suit to be more precise that perfectly fit his pshyche to an outstanding smart figure. He was fancifully dressed and even stinched riches! But his pricey shoes were covered with dust. He even looked jaded and I guesed maybe he had trekked some miles 🤔. I prowled toward where he sat. "Hi sir, how do you want to be served, please?" I asked . " No, I won't have a table at the moment" ,,,, acknowledged the young man. "I was enquiring whether there is a vacant room where I can rest tonight, and perhaps room 39?" ... He added. I wondered why room39 and to his fortune, the room had not been secured at that moment. I thought of lying since my room was just nextdoor but if my boss new it, then that would *ave been my last day there. with no more hestitation, I led him to the room he enquired. Before he left the table he asked for a string, an orange and a knife.
It was at midnight .I was awakened by lound squall and howls from the next room, I roused and sat on my bed to ensure it wasnt a dream, and at this time the yelling increased with menace and fiercing. I suffered from sleep deprivation and even that night had many hours than usual. It dawned and the man gave back an orange, the string , knife and left.
I wondered what was going on in that room but I never came to an answer. I even went there maybe to find out whether there maybe some traces that will give me a clue but nothing. Infact the room was clean and neat, and also the bed was well spread.
A month later and at the same day as the previous month, the man came back, dressed the same way , from top to bottom. Again he asked for an orange, a string a knife and secured the same room . Once more, in the midnight hours, the man began his magic. I had
planned to ask him what happens in his room the following morning but unfortunately he left very early.