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Well wishers come to aid of young barefooted boy who was captured admiring a picture of a pupil with shoes.


The picture was branded on a vehicle Belonging to a shoe supply company “Bravo Shoes“

The boy happens to be Ugandan and hails from a very poor family. The picture elicited a lot of concern especially on Kenyan social Media networks. As we speak the boy has gotten over thirty pairs of school shoes and uniforms. His school mates who also did not have school shoes have also not been forgotten.

The sad part is that the schoolboy is an orphan and has been living with his grandmother.

Good news : Fortunately well-wishers have volunteered to sponsor his education until he completes university.

Elvi Bwire the name of the boy will be remembered thanks to the power of social media and more to the person who took the picture and shared ..

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