• How Credits (KCr.) are Awarded.

    Simply share and discuss to earn more credits which can be claimed as airtime or cash through Mpesa.

    These are the activities that help you earn credits.

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Be Thankful 🙏

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Be Thankful 🙏


You wanted to achieve something today but you never achieved it. You were aiming to gain something but you didn't. You expected some changes today but none you can see. You thought today might be different from yesterday but it's just the same. Never mind. Be Thankful to God always because that oxygen. That breath you're having now, many wish to have it but they can't. Let your good health, your existence be the main reason to give Allah Subhana his Glory. Be thankful everyday because life is a process of learning. Good night fam. Love you all 🥰🥰🥰