Chicken Soup for the Soul


Why chicken soup for colds? .The first authoritative endorsement of chicken soup came from the 12th century physician, Moses Maimonides.
When Sultan Saladin, the mighty Muslim military leader, begged Maimonides for a cure for his son's asthma, Maimonides prescribed chicken soup..
Chicken soup does have medicinal properties.
Chicken ,like most protein foods, contain a natural amino acid called cysteine,which is released when you make the soup..
Cysteine bears a remarkable chemical similarity to a drug called acetylcysteine,which doctors prescribe for patients with bronchitis and respiratory infections.
Acetylcysteine was originally derived from chicken feathers and skin.
Pharmacologically, Acetylcysteine,like other mucokinetics,thin down mucus in the lungs, making it easier to expel.
Chicken soup might be better at fighting congestion than hot or cold water,even chicken soup vapours is superior to hot water.
And for a super - congestion - fighting chicken soup,add garlic,onions,pepper,hot spices like curry,or hot chillies.
To avoid or fight colds and flu,a bowl of spicy chicken soup is recommended.It is better to sip chicken soup than drink it,because the therapeutic effect lasts about a half hour,so you need a continual slow intake of the soup's therapeutic agents.