Former 'Atheists in Kenya' Official Who Found Jesus Accused of Fraud



The Atheists in Kenya Society (AIK) is accusing its former secretary Seth Mahiga of fraud.

Mahiga is alleged to have withdrawn an undisclosed amount of money from the society’s bank account without the knowledge of the Executive Committee.

AIK President Nyende Mumia says members of the committee were shocked when they visited their bank on Friday, only to find a huge sum was missing from their account.

"The new executive committee, including myself, the incoming Treasurer Samson Mbavu and the incoming Secretary Mary Kamau had visited KCB today only to be informed that the former Secretary Seth Mahiga, had withdrawn funds from the Atheists In Kenya Society bank account without our authority," Mumia said in a statement.

Mahiga resigned from AIK in May last year, saying he was no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya as he had found Jesus Christ.

“This evening, regretfully, our Secretary Mr. Seth Mahiga made the decision to resign from his position as Secretary of our society. Seth's reason for resigning is that he has found Jesus Christ and is no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya,” Mumia announced in a press statement.

Until his resignation, Mahiga had served as the society’s secretary for one and a half years. A video shared on social media showed Mahiga at church telling the congregation, “I’ve been going through some difficulties in life. … I’m so happy to be here.”

AIK was registered as a society under the Societies Act, Cap 108 on February 17th, 2016.

The 2019 National Population Census placed the total number of atheists in Kenya at 755,750, representing about 2.5 percent of the country’s total population.

Kilifi County had the highest number of nonbelievers with 146,669, followed by Nakuru (67,640), Nairobi (54,841), Narok (45,617), Kiambu (30770), Kitui (23,778), Meru (20,985) and Mombasa (11,148).