"My Feet Exploded": How Sh250,000 Electric Mat Nearly Claimed the Life of MP Moses Kuria



Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has narrated how an electric mat nearly claimed his life.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday, Kuria said he purchased the warm mat from a Nairobi-based company named Ceragem through a friend for Sh250,000.

The electric gadget is called Ceratonic Mat and was meant to cure numbness in his feet.

While using the mat, Kuria said his feet exploded and he was taken to the hospital the following day with third degree burn injuries on his feet.

The vocal MP was admitted to Karen Hospital in Nairobi, where he has undergone three surgeries.

“Two weeks ago, a friend of mine convinced me to use a gadget which to my knowledge I thought was authorized. This gadget happened to do some slow burning of my feet. I was trying to cure a problem by introducing a killer solution. I went home at night and my feet just exploded,” said Kuria.

“I came here the following day and they said I had third-degree burns. They had to do some emergency surgery, then they did a proper surgery, and as late as yesterday yet another surgery. Something that was supposed to be a solution has seen me undergo three surgeries.”

Kuria said he was about to buy the same gadget for his mother prior to the accident that has left him hospitalized for the past two weeks.

“If you go through this experience, it is very easy to get depressed. Why did I listen to this guy; someone who has worked internationally for decades and with good education,” he added.