A consignment of 12 sacks of marijuana was intercepted last night by police, as it was being transported to the port city of Kisumu in an hearse. In the bizarre incident that stunned police officers manning a roadblock at Suo in Busia County, the product had been neatly arranged in the vehicle that is ordinarily used in the conveyance of the dead to the grave. According to the officers, they had flagged down a white nissan van branded Rafiki Funeral Services-Othaya, for routine check up at around 7pm. The heavily tinted vehicle whose stereo was playing sombre tunes associated with escorting the departed, pulled over. As the vehicles’ driver hesitantly lowered his window and muttered some words after responding to the officer’s greetings, the policeman detected some smell from inside the vehicle that was not related to human remains. His fears were confirmed moments later when after conducting a search inside the vehicle together with his colleagues, they discovered 12 sacks of cannabis sativa arranged on the seats and floor of the van.

The driver of the hearse Hussein Otita, was arrested and the motor vehicle registration number KCV 402Y impounded. In a related incident, officers based at Korondile police station in Wajir, recovered 58kilograms of marijuana being transported to Wajir town on a motorcycle. In the incident reported last night, two suspects Osman Boru, 25 and Halkno Guchu, 24 were arrested and detained at Korondile police station pending arraignment. Detectives from the Anti Narcotics Unit, have since taken over investigations into the two cases.