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Why former Governor Granton Graham Samboja remains a favourite of many.

Jack Roberts

New Member
With just eight months since the new Taita-Taveta Government, things don't seem right as expected by many. The locals don't seem to be enjoying the new Government as they used to during the administration of famous known politician Mshapa.

Speaking at his home in Mwakshimba on 15th May 2022, Hon Granton spoke about the importance of people loving each other and being united in efforts to bring developments to Taita-Taveta county and Kenya in general. He proceeded urging the locals to accept the current Government and support it for the interests of the people of Taita-Taveta.

With a meeting of at least five hundred people, the former Governor talked about the high cost of living, urging the people of those areas to work hard in the fields in an attempt to cope with the current situation that has seen the price of some commodities rise with a given percentage.

While asked about his next move concerning politics, the Great politician said that it wasn't important but the most important thing is to see his people of Taita-Taveta benefit from devolution.


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